The end-user of the VeNom codes is not permitted to make modifications to the list, but they may make suggestions and requests within the scientific forum for codes to be amended or added.

End users are required to sign an agreement on the Terms and Conditions of using the VeNom List, these terms are stated below:

Use of the VeNom Codes provided by the VeNom Coding Group

This letter agreement is intended to detail the obligations upon the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) acting on behalf of the VeNom Coding Group and end user relating to supply and use of the standard diagnostic codes (“the VeNom Codes”), developed by the VeNom Coding Group.

The VeNom Coding Group, will provide the VeNom Codes to the end user, and will maintain and update the codes as the group sees fit, during the term of this agreement. The end user will make no additions, subtractions, or changes to the terms included in the VeNom Codes.

The end user may refer to the VeNom Codes, to its customers and in promotional material as “developed by the VeNom Coding Group” and / or “as supplied by the VeNom Coding Group” only during the term of this agreement. No other use of VeNom Coding Group’s or the RVC’s name is permitted without prior written approval. In the event of any material breach of the above terms, either party may terminate this agreement by written notice to the other.

On termination by either party, the end user may continue to supply the current version of the VeNom Codes to their customers but will make no reference to its association with the VeNom Coding Group or the RVC.

On expiry of this agreement, the VeNom Coding Group and the RVC will have no further obligation to maintain the VeNom Codes, but will make reasonable efforts to continue maintaining the VeNom Codes, subject to available funding and resource.

Many thanks for your support of the coding project.