The Venom Codes are available to download as an Excel file after signing the letter agreement. If you have signed the agreement previously and would like to download this file, please contact Prof Dave Brodbelt. The current Excel file can be downloaded here.

We are also moving to a web based platform for VeNom (see demo version). The advantage of this is it allows immediate VeNom updates to be implemented as soon as approved as well as linking the VeNom terms to a powerful search engine based on previously coded events linked to their related free text clinical records within VetCompass. The latter allows much easier identification of VeNom terms from commonly used practice terminology / synonyms (see demo version). When trialling this, consider selecting just ‘diagnoses’ and ‘presenting complaints’ and then typing a clinical term, e.g. ‘itch’, ‘rta’ ‘scratch’ ‘cough’ etc.